Feeling by heart is what you need

Leadership, Agility and Self realization needs more than acting, one needs more feeling its actions. and for this, you need more your heart.

Here is a poem, inspired from a Muslim scholar, Ibn-ul-Qayyim, which I adapted for you.


There’s a way between doing and being. Between acting by reason and feeling by heart.

And in this way, there are bandits that cut the road on the walkers, plundering and stealing the work, preventing actions to reach the heart.

And you find a man doing a lot of work and what came to his heart of his work is nothing.

A man who transforms every little action he does seeing it as an overwhelming one.

A man with no humbleness, with no fear and no hope, no love and no satisfaction.

You see this man as realised and fulfilled, whereas he is too far from feeling by heart.



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