One step at a time – Une étape à la fois

Salut 🙂

Voici ma première vidéo motivationnelle qui porte sur la valeur de l’apprentissage dans le développement personnel ainsi que son impact sur notre façon de voir la vie. La vidéo est en Anglais

I grow by learning,

And as I’m continuously learning,

I keep continuously growing

And as I’m growing,

I become more contempt and fulfilled,

Thats how I become freeer and freeer

One step at a time

Becoming a better person every day.

I know that it’s never late to learn, unlearn and relearn,

I unlearn judging and learn considering

One step at a time,

I unlearn laziness and learn productivity

One step at a time,

I unlearn hearing and learn listening

One step at a time,

I unlearn procrastinating and learn effectiveness,

One step at a time.

I know I’m not perfect,

And I struggle sometimes with my previous behaviours,

But I know I’m working to be better,

I’m improving,

I don’t give up and try aga n and again, to be better once at a time.

As I learn I grow and progress

I build my self-esteem,

And become more and more confident.

The more confident I become,

The more I relate deeply to others.

I start rebuilding my connections with people around me,

Without worrying anymore on how they perceive me,

if they judge me or not,

If they like me or not.

Since I’m contempt and fulfilled,

Since I know who I am,

Nothing ever from the outside could shake my confidence.

I start looking at people from a different  angle,

The one of understanding and love.

That’s how I want to live at home, at work, with my family, my friends, colleagues, my team, and my community.

All of this, gives a sense to my life to be lived.

Anis Berejeb

Anis est avant tout un passioné de l'agilité et du développement. Avec plus de 15 ans dans le domaine du développement web, son expertise combine des connaissances accrues dans l'ensemble des notions partant du développement logiciel jusqu'à l'organisation des équipes dans les environnements agiles à grande échelle.

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