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3 years ago
الفيزياء المسلية

This example helps you to understand why à why question is so powerful

عبقري الفيزياء الرائع(Richard Feynman)
يشرح مدى عمق السؤال (لماذا؟؟)
و لو خيرت ان يكون لك معلم إما هو أو ألبرت اينشتاين
فمن ستختار ؟!
إذا علمت أنه حاصل على 👇كل هذه الجوائز :
1_جائزة ألبرت آينشتين (1954)
2_جائزة إرنست أورلاندو لورانس (1962)
3_جائزة نوبل في الفيزياء (1965)
4_قلادة أورستد ... See more

3 years ago
Jason Silva

What exactly is anxiety? Why does it cannibalize our thoughts and hijack our awareness? How can we move past it?

3 years ago

3 years ago
Sociocracy 3.0 | Effective Collaboration At Any Scale

Isn’t that what we need ? Organizational Agile at scale.


In a Nutshell | Free Resources | News & Updates | S3 Intentional Commitment A Practical Guide For Evolving Agile And Resilient Organizations Flexible Adaptable patterns, independent and mutually reinforcing, to help you with all aspects of collaboration Principles-Based A coherent way for growing or...

3 years ago

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

3 years ago

Its not people, things, situations or events that are bad or good, it’s the interpretation that we make of them and the perceptions we have.
We decide, simply by choosing the thoughts we accept.

3 years ago

A book comes to life only when read.

3 years ago

Essayez de regarder le soleil avec les yeux grands ouverts. Faites un effort pour fermer les yeux. Vous allez continuer à voir la lumière. Vous savez pourquoi ? Parce que c'est bien réel, c'est vrai.
Même chose pour chaque vérité autour de vous. Vous l'avez certainement déjà rencontrée, et elle est toujours là juste devant vous et va continuer, indépendamment de vous, malgré vos efforts pour l'ignorer.

3 years ago

A #team succeds when it shares something more profound than the task itself, something that’s even outside the domain of its task, something related to #values. And when it’s structure is #symbiotic and #synergetic.

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